A pure and timeless wardrobe, made in France.

A minimal line for easy-to-wear pieces.
In a poetic and determined spirit, the brand brings to life the nobility of a fiber with a resolutely contemporary look.



It all started with the realization of the absurdity of the manufacturing processes in the ready-to-wear industry.

I come from a family that is really responsible and aware of what surrounds us.

Do not waste is the family's watchword !

To respect the work, the manual, the worker, everything that our society wanted to erase these last decades.

I was trained at ESMOD.

Stylist for more than 10 years, I have been responsible for men's collections in "standard" companies and I have collaborated with the CARLIN style office for years.

As a freelance stylist, I worked directly with the workshops on the creation of collections for individuals. As a freelancer, I was used to managing my collections directly with the workshops, a link that I had lost when I became an employee.

The day I received an email from the manager of a factory in China, explaining that they had to stop production for 3 days due to decisions made by the authorities, to "limit" the negative impacts on the environment (polluted rivers, use of chemicals etc...).

So, I said to myself that I had to find this relationship with the object, with work well done and respected.

From there was born the project of a responsible clothing line.


The story of CÉCANCE begins with the observation of the absurdity of the manufacturing processes in the ready-to-wear industry.

With CÉCANCE, I wanted to pay homage to the trades, to the well-made piece and to quality work.

I was inspired by my grandmother's maiden name, Cancé, a seamstress.

The CÉCANCE piece is the highlighting of this succession of steps that make the garment you wear.

The brand is motivated by the desire to revive European textile know-how by offering a responsible wardrobe with the least possible impact on the environment.

In a poetic and determined spirit, the brand brings to life the nobility of a natural fiber, in particular linen, with a resolutely contemporary look.

CÉCANCE is a line that is at once fair, casual and elegant, which highlights the object and the artisanal work in order to perpetuate a traditional manufacturing method in a local territory.


Revealing the naturalness of a living fiber, for a quality garment that is easy to live with and to wear.


I make a small series in Paris.

For the moment, I work in collaboration with a workshop in the Paris region which allows me to manufacture by the piece.

This makes me extremely reactive, and limits my stocks.


In a concern of locality it is the linen which I chose after reflection.

It's a responsible and sustainable material, it's close to the production line and above all it's self-sufficient, it grows where it doesn't need any external artifice.

I chose linen for its eco-responsibility and especially for all the crafts and know-how behind it.

Linen is one of those materials that requires reflection and creativity!

It does not fit all volumes, it is alive and full of charm.

It has this noble, robust, rustic and elegant side at the same time.

It is an ancestral fiber and Europe has kept a whole chain of know-how.

The flax industry is in the process of recovering, it is the beginning of an awareness and many companies and cooperatives are taking up the challenge, because this fiber weighs only 1% of all textile fibers currently used (synthetic, artificial, natural).

For my qualities I have approached suppliers labeled MASTER OF LINEN, a label that guarantees traceability and European origin.

I connect with the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp which is a good advice.

The SAFILIN spinning mill, whose machines are in Poland.

And the adventure continues with well-established companies such as Emmanuel Lang and the establishment of the only step that was missing for a 100% French flax, the spinning mill.

The pieces we ♡ from Cécance