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10 tips for better shopping:

Tip 1: Say No to Fast Fashion
Tip 2 : Second hand is your friend
Tip 3 : Choose natural and ecological fibers
Tip 4 : Rent your clothes for occasional events
Tip 5: Shine in upcycl-ing!
Tip 6 : Trust the labels
Tip 7 : Buy local
Tip 8 : Less is more. Buy less and make it last.
Tip 9 : Beware of "ethical fast fashion".
Tip 10 : Ask your favorite brands to improve it

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How to deal with the plethora of environmental labels? Are they reliable or is it #greenwashing?We have selected for you, the reliable eco-responsible labels to remember!These labels are generally divided into 4 categories: ecological labels (Oeko-Tex standard 100), ethical labels...
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